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FOLLOW OUR JOURNEY: House-hunting...renovations...opening!
Family home
Baking class


We started our journey in April 2015 to find our home and business.  We found our home, completed renovations, and opened in August 2016 to welcome our first guests.


We left Bermuda in April and traveled to the East Coast of the U.S. where Laura's family originates. As the settlers arrived by the Mayflower, we left by the ship Queen Victoria, bound for the U.K. We visited Keith's family before departing for France in early June on the Portsmouth to St Malo ferry, arriving on the North West coast of France.


Summer 2015 was spent house-hunting in the Poitou-Charentes, Pyrénées, and Languedoc-Roussillon regions of France.  This is a large area to cover!  One of the first homes we saw ended up being the right one for us.  We spent the fall staying at our friend's home in Saint Arnac, waiting for the sale to go through.  Our son started school in Saint Paul de Fenouillet, and now has joined the school here in the Charente.  He is learning more and more French each day.  He has just started his second year of French school.


Keith made all the renovations to the B&B with a bit of help from a few experts. He has been holding regular baking classes in our spacious country kitchen, he has acquired quite a following over the last 2 years. Laura is taking French classes and conversation groups, has joined the Parent Association at Patrick's school, and found an amateur orchestra in Poitiers to play with for now. She started her own Wedding music business and has teamed up with a cellist. Together they are performing all over Southwest France. Laura currently has a few students and plans to recruit more for the 2018 school year. Take a look at Laura's website:

In November 2016, we welcomed the birth of our daughter Béatrice and all the sleepless nights she came with. She is the sweetest little girl, although plays hard with her big brother.

We are now entering our second full season here in France and look forward to welcoming guests to Jambon de printemps B&B.

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