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Jambon de printemps GUIDE

Here is guide of places for you to visit in your spare time when you're not busy baking beautiful breads. We have flyers and information available in our lounge for you to read during your stay.

Soak up the pretty Charente region and the charming French way of village life...

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Nanteuil en vallée

Take a leisurely 5km walk via the old railway trail from Jambon de Printemps to visit the Abbey or one of the two restaurants in Nanteuil.  Labeled a "petite village of charactère" it is charming and lovely to walk the small streets.  Often there are concerts held in the Abbey.  On the weekends, the Auberge d'Argentor restaurant hosts local bands in the summer months. Check Facebook for upcoming music nights.

Verteuil sur Charente

Verteuil sur Charente is famous for its towering chateau in the middle of the village.  Take a stroll along the river Charente, browse the gift shops, stop in to the wine bar, or treat yourself to a leisurely meal at one of several restaurants.  This is only a 10 minute drive from Jambon de Printemps.

Le Rejallant is a relaxing area just outside the market town of Ruffec, about 15 minutes from Jambon de Printemps.  Click on the picture for a link to canoeing/kayaking.  Click on the title for the link to their restaurant.  It's a lovely spot for a picnic, and a great spot for the kids to run and play.  There is a small playground and wading in the river.


Confolens is a beautiful town built on the banks of the Vienne river.  It is about 30 minutes from Jambon de Printemps.  There are several restaurants, a beautiful church, old Roman bridge, and the old quarter of the town with historical homes and architecture.  Click the picture to learn more about Confolens.

Chateau de la Rochefoucauld

This chateau is a museum and historical site about 30 minutes from Jambon de Printemps.  Click the picture for a link to the opening hours and information for the museum. Set in a lovely village with shops and restaurants, plan a half day to tour the museum and browse the shops.

explore the CHARENTE

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